It’s hard to describe one career when I feel like I’ve had several. An injury during a professional cricket “career” diverted me to a job in banking where I led internal service and operations teams of ~30 people, though I didn’t know anything about being a good manager. 

I enjoyed that so much that at 22 I didn’t think twice about leaving sport behind to transfer to Sydney for the start of a sales career, though I didn’t know anything about how to sell. 

That was all very well and good until the GFC left us (literally) with no money to lend and so that started a ~10 year leading teams selling research and consulting though yes, in hindsight I started with little knowledge of leadership too. 

It was a career stint where I was consistently not the smartest person in the room (do we say smartest Zoom now?) and the pace of growth and change was incredibly rewarding. In a growth outpost office that went from 20 to 200 people I managed to get on incentive trips and get awards for coaching, leading a team of ~35 building a book of business measured in tens of millions of dollars. 

I was transferred to San Francisco and started in corporate development and product strategy. Working in the Bay Area and building partnerships in the tech ecosystem, leading product strategy and converting a few acquisitions (passing on plenty more) has been a highlight. 

I’m currently leading Talent Acquisition Solutions in SHL’s Growth office. 

You'll see on my notes page, some work-related principles and essays, which might be interesting.

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Last Updated: July 2020